Asymmetrical Patterns for Christmas

When you weave a new piece on a pin loom, do you design it beforehand or just throw yourself into the creative abyss? In my case, I do both. Sometimes I have a design quite studied, sketched and the colors well thought out before I start. Other times I don't previously think about anything, I... Continue Reading →

Weave Mandalas to bring home positive energy

Have you ever woven on a circular loom? What you get, by default, is a woven circle, obviously! But have you ever wondered if you can achieve the same with a square loom, like the Kayu loom? That's what I asked myself a couple of weeks ago and started to warp and try. What I... Continue Reading →

Make blankets with woven squares

When the cold days begin, it is inevitable to think about knitting, don´t you think? More specifically, think about what we are going to knit this winter. Perhaps where you live, these days the campaigns of knitted squares to make solidarity blankets begin and you love being part of them year after year, knitting squares... Continue Reading →

Woven square designs to inspire you

A few months ago one of my students asked me where she could get woven square designs: combinations of colors and stitches, basically. At first I thought I didn't know where from, because maybe the fun lies in inventing the patterns by ourselves, or not? Maybe not! My next thought was, EUREKA, she is now... Continue Reading →

Adapt 4×4″ patterns to the Kayu – PART 2

After this post in which I told you about my experience adapting 4x4" pin loom patterns to looms 3 times larger, like the Kayu, I decided to give the 1st free Webinar to show the process in more detail and also the live examples. I loved the experience! When going "live", many things are emerging... Continue Reading →

Adapt 4×4″ patterns to the Kayu – PART 1

When you have many patterns to weave on 4x4" looms (Zoom Loom / Weave-It) and also pattern books and perhaps you have already ventured to invent your own stitches and patterns, surely you have wondered if you can use them on other larger looms, to make larger pieces. The answer is YES! And in this... Continue Reading →

Learn the Zig Zag effect

What I'm going to tell you, I'm sure it happens to you too.. When I don't have a project in mind, I take some leftover yarn from here and there and... I try to see what comes out! And that's how, using the Lion Bran yarns that I had left over from the Pompa Poncho,... Continue Reading →

The Mom´s Project

This year on Mother´s Day I am bringing you a surprise project for all weaving moms as a special gift for you. The novelty is that I made this project in 5 days and that exactly is how I published it, from Monday to Friday: each day I posted in my Instagram and The Ullvuna... Continue Reading →

How to combine color yarn

When it comes to being creative, many of us are afraid of mixing colors, of not combining them correctly, of making it hard to make a garment, of finishing it and only then seeing that the colors we choose do not completely convince us... does this happened to you ? Well, today I want to... Continue Reading →

What if.. I don´t have any bulky yarn?

A few days ago I finished a weaving on the bias pin loom class at @stitchesevents in which my students asked me a lot about yarn thicknesses: what is the ideal one for pin looms, how to distinguish the right one among rustic yarns, sometimes without classification, what to do if I don´t want to... Continue Reading →

3 Basic Shapes to Weave on the Bias

About 13 years ago I discovered pin looms. My mother had gone to Argentina for a trip and she had seen an artisan in the street weaving with this "wooden frame with nails", which caused her a lot of curiosity. My mom is an avid crocheter, regid loom weaver, macramé maker and knitter, but this... Continue Reading →

Oversize Projects Book Presentation

A few weeks ago I had the great experience of presenting my book Oversize Projects on a Pin Loom at the Stitches Events February event. Since last year I have been teaching pin loom classes by Zoom at some of the monthly events of this North American company that has been teaching various in-person craft... Continue Reading →

Cochamó Purse

In my newfound (silent) campaign "wear your weavies," I've been more inspired than ever. I want to show how exploitable loom-woven squares are, that you can create infinitely with them, but I also want to create objects and clothes that I like, that I love the idea of wearing, hoping that the same will happen... Continue Reading →

Kayu Bang Bag with leftovers

The surprise project that I bring you today is made with the 3 geometric figures of the KAYU: square, rectangle and triangle. The Bang Bag, a color explosion (as the Big Bang!) It is the first project in which I integrate the 3 figures and the purpose is precisely that, to open your creative mind... Continue Reading →

Patterns to Create

I've been wondering for a long time what "moves" me about this particular technique, pin loom weaving. And then, the next question, what moves you to follow it, to use my pin looms, to make my patterns. They are doubts that are always there, but what I do know is my purpose in this and... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Infinity Scarf project

Diving in IG a random day, I came across this incredible label and I bought a few yarns immediately. They feel like cotton made, fresh and cozy, but not too heavy as cotton. I searched a bit more where this label came from and I could know the story behind her founder, Rosario. A few... Continue Reading →

Easy woven tartan basket project

As I have told many times, woven squares are my weakness (sounds nerd, I know..) , but they are so easy and fast to do and the possibilities are so endless that I just cannot resist! I will stop explaining and start doing! So now I invite you to make with me a lovely plaid... Continue Reading →

7 Creative Christmas napkin folds to try

I took 3 small balls of yarn I had here and there. With the three of them at the same time I wove the larger size of square on the Kayu weaving loom (you can either knit, crochet or weave a 12x12" square) and voilà! ..I started playing with it and a golden paper napkin... Continue Reading →

Sweet turquoise wrap sweater

It took me a while but I have finally released two of my favorite Ullvuna pattern designs 🙂 Both of them are pin loom woven, but also involve a little of knitting and crocheting (really basic). So here I present to you: TURQUOISE BOLERO PATTERN SWEET TURQUOISE WRAP SWEATER Both designs are a part of... Continue Reading →

3 capelets inspired by Outlander series

I discovered this TV series just a few weeks ago and I have seen the three seasons already (and some episodes more than once). The story is so complete.. love, adventure, extreme danger and the unforgettable Scotland of course. But most of all, I fell in love with the costumes that give life to each... Continue Reading →

Pale Rose woven top free pattern

LEER EN ESPAÑOL I started Ullvuna 7 years ago. Today is the first time I share the patterns of my original, unique and beloved designs with you 🙂 Every mother thinks her child is the "most beautiful" then I couldn`t be objective to choose the pattern to share, so I proposed the election of it... Continue Reading →

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