Sustainable Infinity Scarf project

Diving in IG a random day, I came across this incredible label and I bought a few yarns immediately. They feel like cotton made, fresh and cozy, but not too heavy as cotton. I searched a bit more where this label came from and I could know the story behind her founder, Rosario. A few... Continue Reading →

Yes, you can color your own weaving patterns!

I have said several times how much I love woven squares. They are easy and fast to make and the possibilities are endless. Until today I still imagine things I could do starting with something as simple as a woven squares. It just inspires me a lot. To crate a woven piece, I like trying... Continue Reading →

Easy woven tartan basket project

As I have told many times, woven squares are my weakness (sounds nerd, I know..) , but they are so easy and fast to do and the possibilities are so endless that I just cannot resist! I will stop explaining and start doing! So now I invite you to make with me a lovely plaid... Continue Reading →

7 Creative Christmas napkin folds to try

I took 3 small balls of yarn I had here and there. With the three of them at the same time I wove the larger size of square on the Kayu weaving loom (you can either knit, crochet or weave a 12x12" square) and voilà! ..I started playing with it and a golden paper napkin... Continue Reading →

Sweet turquoise wrap sweater

It took me a while but I have finally released two of my favorite Ullvuna pattern designs 🙂 Both of them are pin loom woven, but also involve a little of knitting and crocheting (really basic). So here I present to you: TURQUOISE BOLERO PATTERN SWEET TURQUOISE WRAP SWEATER Both designs are a part of... Continue Reading →

3 capelets inspired by Outlander series

I discovered this TV series just a few weeks ago and I have seen the three seasons already (and some episodes more than once). The story is so complete.. love, adventure, extreme danger and the unforgettable Scotland of course. But most of all, I fell in love with the costumes that give life to each... Continue Reading →

Pale Rose woven top free pattern

I started Ullvuna 7 years ago. Today is the first time I share the patterns of my original, unique and beloved designs with you 🙂 Every mother thinks her child is the "most beautiful" then I couldn`t be objective to choose the pattern to share, so I proposed the election of it to the Pin loom... Continue Reading →

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