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Mosaic crochet tapestries for Christmas


This year I set myself to design Christmas patterns ahead of time, so you can make them on time too 🙂 Sound obvious, ok. But not easy!

Pandemic Christmas sound quite terrifying, right? But it will be more special, homemade and familiar than ever, for sure.

Because we have already seen that this whole global situation has brought us a bunch of the “good things”, those free things that you can find right around the corner! Family, friends, love, company, over any material stuff you can buy.

That is why I thought that decorating our homes with handmade objects is what we should be doing this Christmas! To make with our own hands woven, knitted, crocheted, embroidery decorations!

So, do you have some yarn leftovers?

Come and read!

sneak peak

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Mini Sweater Pin Loom Day 2020


There is no first place without a second place, as a chilean saying says.. The Mini Sweater Pin Loom Day 2020 campaign is already open! Second year of this creative celebration!

There is crochet day, a knitting day, but what about weaving?

Well, that is what I though last year and invited my weaving author and friend Meg Stump to join me on this adventure, by inviting every enthusiastic pin loom weaver we know to be a part of this creative initiative.

It ended up in an amazing call! and we hope this year it goes even better.

Do you want to join us? I invite you to know all the details in this post 🙂

mini sweater 2020

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New Pin loom weaving book!

Today I share with you some incredible news! (drum roll), my third self published book is coming!

It is also about 4×4″ pin loom weaving stitches and projects as my two previous books, but this time I gather aaaaall the tips and guide I have learned in these last 6 years of experience with pin loom weaving, 6 years since I started my first book, 6 years since I knew the amazing publishing world 🙂

Come in, I invite you to take a further look at this 2021 project!

para libro

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A new quarantine double gift :)

Today I am bringing to you a new quarantine pattern that I made in colaboration with Esme Crick.

Esme designs crochet patterns through her label Red Sparrow Crochet, from overseas, from the UK!

For this second Quarantine Colab between crafters she made the pattern, I made the coloring diagram from it. All FREE to you 🙂

Come in, read the story and find out the incredible result!


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Sustainable Infinity Scarf project

It has been a while since I bought some @ecocitex yarns and I didn´t know what to make with them. Sure, the decision was not easy if I wanted to make them worth, because they do the incredible work of protecting the planet!

I am not really a green peace person, I have to confess, but I cannot be unconnected to what they do, because it is simply IMPRESSIVE.

Read this story about how recycling and buying recycled products I could achieve this gorgeous Sustainable Infinity Scarf made in a square pin loom. You can learn how to diy of course 🙂

Let`s go!


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Crochet triangle bunting pattern + coloring page

Lately I have been hearing that so known phrase “we are stronger together” or “the union makes as strong” so many times that I thought giving it a try, stop being an hermit-crafter and start making bigger projects by recruiting more crafters and working together.

But.. it is not that simple. I have tried it a few times so far and it haven´t been easy at all. There is a thing with each ones schedule, a lack of trust (sometimes we just dont know each other enough) and certaintly and ego matter. Yes, it is always around when making artistic or creative projects.

So I wanted to contact Ely, who is the founder and designer behind @mora_tejidos

I have been folowing her from a while, she has achieved a huge audience who share her crochet passion, particulary granny square.

I invite you to keep reading this story 🙂




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Free 4 seasons tapestry crochet pattern set

I hope you are already used to this situation we are now living. It is true that humans easily adapt, I`ve seen it in so many examples lately!

What I bring to you today has a lot to do with adaptation but also erratic, unpredictable inspiration, as I call it. Maybe it is just common inspiration, but when it comes this way, from nowhere, I just need to name it differently!

I invite you to see this new “quarentistic” erratic and free design I have created this week, in which you will be able to use spare yarn from here and there at home or order some yarn from your favorite local provider, who is maybe struggling to keep her business standing.

Let`s see!


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Color and design your own plaid weaving pattern

Facing this unpleasant quarentine, that tonight turns into a total quarantine here where I live, the best idea I have found to deal with this is creating, creating and inviting you to create too!

I do this for myself, for you, and for all the isolated women around the world who desperate need a zen moment. To let their creativity flow, forget about the exterior and focus on the interior. To breathe..

In this post I am sharing with you another FOREVER FREE tool for you to print, re print, share all you want, transmiting creativity. Let`s see!


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3Birds Tapestry crochet pattern set

I have always said nature is an endless resource.. of inspiration!

But this time I didn`t want to make a flower-inspired design (as I usually do). I searched a bit and run into Latin American birds. I found there an amazing world to explore and share with you.

It wasn`t simple to pass the design I had in mind into a tapestry crochet template. It is not something you just copy from one format to another. But I finally achieved something I am fully pleased about 🙂

Come and join me reading the full process, you are welcome!


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Heraldic 2 tone free tapestry crochet pattern

Here, from the end of the world, I send you my contribution with all my love, forever free.

#stayathome and weave, crochet or knit as you wish. It will be the greatest therapy to relax and fill those endless hours of waiting and expecting we are dealing with these days.

This tapestry crochet project will do it for at least a couple of days, so let`s create!


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