Mini Sweater Pin Loom Day 2021

Do you know the ugly sweater? That American Christmas tradition of knitting or buying a Christmas sweater of those classic full of color ones? Well, 3 years ago I borrowed that tradition, as inspiration, to found the Mini Sweater Pin Loom Day!

The main idea was to conquer and gather more and more pin loom weaving enthusiasts around this wonderful technique. Captivate them with its originality, versatility, speed and, above all, the infinite possibility it gives us to create clothes and objects.

How nice it is to honor people we have loved and have made our lives happier, so why not honoring a technique that fills us with moments of happiness?

Together with my friend Meg Stump we started this adventure and today we want to invite you to join us in a new 2021 celebration.

mini sweater 2021


Has it happened to you that you have lots of wool scraps here and there, from old projects, that are not enough to do another similar project?

Me.. yes.. always! Some of them are really tiny balls, but of so beautiful yarn that I just can’t let go!

And I thought, why doing it, why getting rid of them if we can reuse them for 1, 2 or hundreds of pieces in mini loom? or, even better, to make mini sweaters!

The invitation this year is to don´t waste your money and reuse those leftovers that you have everywhere in your house. You will be surprised of how many fun designs result from combining those remnants that you had so little faith in..

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 16.51.28


Yes, I get this question quite a bit .. what is the infallible technique to combine colors???

Well, I would say that there is a lot of proven theory and a color wheel that could guide you, but since we are not “creating” colors, because we already have wool leftovers of a certain color and texture, I invite you to follow these tips that will help you to make your process of combining colors for your mini sweater something fun and pleasant.

Remember that combining colors is a skill that some are born with, but for which many can be made!


  1. LESS IS MORE. The fewer colors you use, the easier it will be to combine them. Start with only 2 colors per piece. Look for colors that are very similar (tone over tone for example, pink and burgundy, orange and terracotta) or that contrast a lot, true chromatic opposites, such as red and blue, green and orange.
  2. INFALLIBLE NEUTRALS. Neutral are what we call non-colors, such as white, black, and shades of gray. They are lucky not to compete with colors, so using them with a color, forming a pair, there is no way they do not combine! Example, gray and fuchsia, black and pistachio, etc. Be careful with pastel colors, we don’t want them to get lost in grays! Remember, a slight contrast is always necessary to hace colors that combine.
  3. THE COLORFUL THAT WON´T FAIL. If you are one of those who only use strong vibrant colors in everything, I understand that you want to combine many tones and not stay in the simple of only 2 or 3 tones. In that case, choose colors with similar saturation or some colors will stand out above the others. How do you do it? Take the chosen balls of yarn together, look at them half-closing your eyes. Does one stand out more than the other? Then take out the one that stands out or the one that does not, the one that separates chromatically from the total group, since it will probably be lost later in the set of colors.


These are pretty intuitive rules that I use on a daily basis. Maybe many of them don’t have much science, as well as combining red and pink, which sometimes seems crazy, in a certain proportion works.

Mu suggestions ins go try colors! Nevertheless,  the saying “about tastes it should not be discussed” is very true. You can make the perfect combination and more than someone will not like it at all, so try to practice and develop your “eye for color” above all.


Now that you know some basic rules for combining colors, it is time to start trying stitches on your PerfectCouple, Zoom Loom, Weave-It or whatever 4×4″ loom you have, with the wool scraps that are sure are everywhere stocked in your home.

If you search here in the BLOG you can find some free patterns or simply try the basic points of 3 and 2 layer warping, for free download on the Ullvuna website.

Venture to use scraps of acrylic, alpaca ,wool, cotton and to add accessories that may give your mini sweaters a unique touch, such as buttons, beads, ribbons, etc.

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 16.57.31

I leave you inspired and I hope you are encouraged enough now to send me your mini sweaters pictures until December 18!

Download all the details of this great world pin loom weaving party party here:

Mini Sweater_ENG ESP

Write to me for any questions! You have several weeks to try your mini sweater designs.

Remember that you can send all the ones you want!

Big hug!


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